Saturday, November 20, 2010

First Post!

yay! very first this may be the end of my xanga account. It seems like every blog I read is on this and that's why I'm switching over. Definitely more professional looking and easy to use than xanga. Where did the name come from??...I decided to use my old AA (asianavenue) username lol, except it's not bLuSprinklZ (bluesprinkles was taken).

So it's going to be the same as what i've been doing on xanga - i'll try to post about reviews, thoughts on things i'm interested in such as food, makeup, music and cleaning (yes, as in vacumming and laundry O_o ).

Stay tuned...


  1. looking forward to your posts :) and welcome to blogger ^ ^

  2. thanks for the warm welcome! :) looking forward to blogging here

  3. I also just called it quits on Xanga. I'm in the same boat where every blog I'm currently following is on blogspot. I'm from Toronto too!