Sunday, December 19, 2010

MAC Charity Bag Swap

I've been quite busy lately and have been meaning to thank Ludmila and Charlene for the swap. In bag #3 I got an eyeshadow from the Tartan collection - "Golden Crown", Lipstick in "Surprise me", Rodarte Pigment and brow pencil. Ludmila was nice enough to give me 3 more brow pencils :) . In bag #4 I got the Rodarte Pigment, Prep + Prime and 2 brow pencils. Charlene was so kind as to throw in 2 little baggies of pigments, a nail file and a little note (so sweet.. I know!). I brought the charity bags to work and had a little draw with my co-workers (I secretly wanted bag #3). We lined up the bags and respectively numbered them 1,2 and so on. Had little pieces of paper with the numbers thrown into a bag and drew....I got #3! We all squealed with delight he..he..and swapped some items with each other. Fun I can't wait for the next warehouse sale to do this again <3

Bag #1

Bag #2
Bag #3
Bag #4

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  1. NICE~ u r so lucky... haha~

    Followed u.. check out mine too n follow if u want..